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Livre disque | Bud Powell

Description : Livre disque de collection contenant 2 Cds du meilleur des titres de Bud Powell et une BD d'une trentaine de pages, dessinée par Louis Joos. Editions BDMUSIC.



1. I Want to Be Happy
2. A Night in Tunisia
3. Reets and I
4. It Could Happen to You
5. Tea for Two 6. Hallucinations (Budo)
7. Just One of Those Things
8. I'll Keep Loving You
9. Tempus Fugit (Tempus Fugue-It)
10. Strictly Confidential
11. Celia
12. Cherokee
13. Glass Enclosure
14. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm (Feb. 1949 Version)
15. You Go to My Head
16. Ornithology
17. Over the Rainbow
18. Un Poco Loco
19. Bud's Bubble (Crazeology)
20. Somebody Loves Me



1. Indiana
2. I'll Remember April
3. Long Tall Dexter (feat. Dexter Gordon Quintet)
4. Jay Bird (feat. J. J. Johnson’s Be Boppers)
5. Bebop in Pastel (Bouncin' With Bud) [feat. Sonny Stitt & The Bebop Boys]
6. Rue Chaptal (feat. Kenny Clarke And His 52nd Street Boys)
7. Cheryl (feat. Charlie Parker All Stars)
8. Wail
9. 52nd Street Theme
10. Dance of the Infidels
11. Bouncin' with Bud
12. Sonny Side (feat. Sonny Stitt)
13. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm (Dec. 1949 Version) [feat. Sonny Stitt]
14. Fine and Dandy (feat. Sonny Stitt)
15. So Sorry Please
16. Dusky 'N' Sandy (Dusk In Sandi)
17. The Fruit
18. Parisian Thoroughfare
19. Oblivion 20. Audrey



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